Monday, March 9, 2009

Germs Begone Natural All-Purpose Cleaner - 50% off

Only $18.74 for all three! Start Shopping Here!

Looking for a natural all-purpose cleaner? Then have we got a product for you! Invented by a mom, Germs Begone contains purified water, a combination of essential oils and one very special soap! The lavender scent can freshen up a room! This package includes a 4 month supply of Germs Begone, including:

1 - 8 oz. Natural All Purpose Travel Size Spray in Lavender. Great for mommy and daddy diaper bags, office computer keyboards, take it anywhere. Use it to clean nasty doorknobs or spray it on your hands as a hand sanitizer.

1 - 24 oz. Natural All Purpose Spray in lavender. This size is perfect for use in Kitchen and bathrooms.

1 - Gallon/Economy Size. Great for refilling smaller bottles! For more information, visit

Shipping Note - I'm sorry to say that we can not ship this item internationally!

The "Green" Factor: - Made with all natural ingredients
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