Monday, February 27, 2012

Wee Can Too

50% Off

Edible Art Supply Kit

Wee Can Too was founded in 2007 by a momma who sought a safer and more nutritious art product for her infant daughter....Voila....Edible Art Supply was born!

Let's face it, with infants and toddlers these days, everything ends up in their mouths. Well relax mommas & daddies, because these products are made for curious mouths and made with food-based organic ingredients.

Each kit will include:

-3 paint powders

-2 crayons

-a swirl chalk

Wee Can Too is a winner of the Cribsie Awards!

-Made with food-based organic ingredients

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012



50% Off!

Avoid scrubbing with this amazing and eco-friendly accessory!

Simply press liner onto the inside of your diaper near your babies bum, and enjoy a scrub-free cloth diaper solution!

The liner will catch the #2 before it hits the cloth!

When baby soils the diaper, simply remove the liner with the waste, and throw, compost, or flush it down the toilet!

No more stinky diaper pales, no more stains, and no more scrubbing!
-Great for busy parents on the go!
-Made so you don't have to carry smelly diapers with you while you are out!
-100% bio-degradeable- flush, throw, or compost without guilt!

-100% bio-degradeable- flush, throw, or compost without guilt!

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Friday, February 17, 2012


Today's Green Baby Bargain is brought to you by Agoo!

Introducing Agoo H2O Stainless Steel Bottles! Happening & hip, these 500ml stainless steel water bottles come with a matching neoprene protector. A perfect combination of fashion and function!

Fits just over 16 oz. of fluid!

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Thursday, February 16, 2012


Silikids Siliskin Bottles - $6.00 8oz./$5.00 4 oz. - 50% off the $12.00/$10.00 retail prices!

These glass baby bottles come encased in a colorful Siliskin, made by Silikids, so baby can grab, hold and avoid slippage when feeding. Microwave safe, hypo allergenic and dishwasher friendly, the translucent silicone sleeves allow you to see measurements and liquid in the bottle. Cleaner than any plastic, parents-in-the-know realize that glass bottles are the best. Available in two sizes: 4 oz. and 8 oz.

The “Green” Factor:

-Siliskins are made from silicone, which is hygienic and hypoallergenic. Its rubber like material is safe, durable and pliable, and there are no open pores to harbor bacteria.

- BPA-Free glass bottles included

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Green Sprouts Swaddle

Today's Green Bargain is brought to you by Green Sprouts!

Organic Cotton Velour Swaddling Blanket

50% off the retail price of $25.00!

Swaddling can help transition your baby into life outside the womb and keep baby feeling calm and safe. During sleep babies can be easily startled by their own muscle movements which may make your baby fussy. Swaddling keeps legs and arms secure for a more restful sleep.


-Keeps baby warm


-Low-impact dyes

Grown without use of toxins, syntethic fertilizers or pesticides, organic cotton is the safest, healthiest fabric available-especially for new and allergy-sensitive babies.
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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Greener Route Reusable Bags

The Greener Route Sandwich and Snack Bag Set

Each set includes a sandwich size bag measuring 5.5"x7" and a medium snack size bag measuring 5.5"x5".

Brown bag lunches have never been so much fun! Now you can be stylish and save money!

Reusable bags can eliminate billions of tons of trash we add to landfills yearly.

Bags are handcrafted from 100% cotton fabrics and lined with a waterproof and food-safe nylon(no PVC, no phthalates, no BPA, no lead). Velcro closure closes the tops of these bags.

The best feature of all is the convienence of clean up! Shake all the crumbs out, wipe with a damp cloth or machine wash cold and line dry for extra enviromental friendliness.

-PVC Free

-BPA Free

-Phthalates Free

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Pukies 58% Off!

Today's Green Bargain is brought to you by


58% Off the retail price of $28.00 and $30.00

Get the envy you deserve. At your next baby shower, show up with a Pukies reusable wood gift box set. You will be the talk of the party! From hiding milk & formula stains to eat & play accessories, there are plenty of sets to choose from - all filled with Pukies products made with Soy Genius fabric!

Available selections:

3 Pack Burp Cloth Set in a Wooden Crate

3 Pack Bib Set in a Wooden Crate

Soy Blanket in Green Pea

Feeding Gift Set in a Wooden Crate-2 Bibs and a Burp Cloth

About Pukies:

All Pukies products are made with Soy Genius -a soft, luxurious fabric made from a blend of natural soy fibers and organic cotton.

56% Organic Cotton:
● Free of toxic chemicals
● Biological and sustainable growth methods utilized
● No synthetic and destructive fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides nor pesticides

37% Soy Fiber:
● Buttery soft
● Naturally antimicrobial
● Wicking action makes it difficult for most stains to set
● Made from the by-product of soybean production
● Sustainable, renewable and biodegradable

7% Spandex:
● Adds stretch and versatility
● Tightens knit to provide a UPF 30+ rating
● Increases the life of a garment

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Little Soles

Today's Green Baby Bargain is brought to you by Little Soles!

Baby Soles, Infant Soles, and Squeaky Soles!

Little Soles™ mission is to provide fresh, footprint-conscious, fashion-forward footwear. For those of you clever & conscious consumers seeking stylish, eco-minded alternatives to mainstream fashion.

Little Soles Inc. proudly introduces Baby Soles, a new Crib Shoe Collection for sizes 0-2 US. Baby Soles are equipped with TPR inserts at the toe and heel beds for traction and durability. The specialized outsole design provides the added benefit of optimum surface feel for when baby starts to cruise! Overall unique styling presents a true footwear appearance instead of a standard slipper form.

Sizing Chart -

iParenting Media Award Winner - "Outstanding Products 2009"

Baby Soles

Infant Soles

Squeaky Soles

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Smitten Baby

Today's Green Bargains is brought to you by Smitten Baby

67% off the retail price of 34.99!

Only $11.49!

The Wet Tote is a premium dual layer version of our original Disney I Parenting award winning design. It features a waterproof inner layer of vcare fabric plus a second outer layer with our own original designer prints. Its versatile and compact.

Made from durable, waterproof fabric, Smitten Baby Wet Totes are ideal for storing wet items such as damp wash cloths or soiled items such as cloth diapers. It’s a great way to keep everything else in your bag or carrying case clean and dry. With our handy strap you can easily attach your Wet Tote directly to your stroller.

The Wet Tote comes in size Large (12 x 16) and features a dual layer of Vcare fabric. The inside layer is unprinted and the exterior layer offers you a choice of fashionable prints.

They’re great for on-the-go adults too! Storing wet bathing suits, workout gear and more

-Machine washable or Wipe clean
-Withstands 100s of washings
-Phthalate free
-Printed with Organic inks - free of Lead, Cadmium and other heavy metals
-Sturdy heavy duty zipper
-Available in 10 colors

Light Blue, Dark Blue,Dark Purple,Light Purple,Dark Green,Light Green, Light Pink,Orange,Yellow, and Red

Like all Smitten Baby products, Wet Totes are safe, long lasting and eco-practical

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


50% Off the retail price!

Gone are the days of using terry squares with pins, these modern day cloth nappies are the way to go.

BumCheeks One Size Minky Diapers will fit your baby from birth right through to toilet training.


-Super soft minky outer

-Waterproof PUL inside

-Soft suede cloth lining

-Pocket with 2 hidden layers of microfiber

-Includes a fold over 2 layer bamboo insert


-One size

-Will fit 8-35lbs

-1 row of 10 snaps

-2 rise settings

-3 snaps on the arms means no wing droop

Available in 4 color choices.

-Reusable diapers keep waste out of landfills

Items will have an 7 business day shipping delay.

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Friday, February 3, 2012

Wee Can Too

Wee Can Too

50% off retail prices!


About Wee Can Too

Wee Can Too was founded in 2007 by a momma who sought a safer and more nutritious art product for her infant daughter... Voila... Edible Art Supply was born! Let's face it, with infants and toddlers these days, everything ends up in their mouths. Well relax mommas & daddies, because our products are made for curious mouths and created from ALL food-based organic ingredients.

All items will arrive in minimal packaging, the shrink wrap that it will arrive in is eco-friendly.

Finger Paint-Set of 3

Created in 2007, our finger paint has become our featured product and is very popular with children and parents! Safe enough to eat, Fantastic Finger Paints come in 5 colors! Purple/Blue made with REAL blueberries, Red/Pink made with REAL beets, Yellow & Orange made with REAL pumpkin and Green made with REAL spinach! VEGAN, no wheat, no dairy, no sugar and no preservatives. Unlike the tottle botle, the Grab n' Go set caters to the DIY (do it yourself) momma, makes plenty of liquid paint and comes in eco biodegradable containers for an easy mix! Just add water to powders as your wee artist creates! CPSIA Compliant. Made from Organic Fruit & Vegetable powders, rice cereal and rice flour! If they can eat, they can paint! Will come in 3

assorted colors.

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Thursday, February 2, 2012


Tomat Organic Clothing

50% Off the Retail Price!

Tomat is a fun and funky kid’s clothing line created to satisfy eco–minded and fashion- conscious parents and children hungry for something different.

Windmill Organic Onesie-Prefect for that die-hard enviornmentalist! Sweet and Sour Organic Onesie-Smile, it's diaper time! Sweet on the front, sour on the back! Leaves Organic Onesie-Leaves on this organic onesie is so cool! Perfect gift for baby! Hearts Organic Onesie-Get her all dolled up for her very first Valentine's Day! Universally flattering wrap construction dress with a vibrant print. Wear with leggings and a jacket for a cool weather look!

Ginkgo Organic Onesie-Beautiful Ginkgo design is hard to resist. Ginkgo Toddler Long Sleeve Tee-This organic long sleeve tee is perfect for every outing. Universally flattering wrap construction dress with a vibrant print. Wear with leggings and a jacket for a cool weather look! Dandelion Organic Onesie-Pretty dandelions blowing in the wind.

Organic Bird Dress

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