Thursday, April 15, 2010

Honeywear Organic Baby Bee Slings - 60% off!

Only $48.00! 60% off the retail price! Start shopping HERE!

The Baby Bee Sling™ is a tremendous parenting tool. The truly adjustable design is sure to fit any person as well as any lifestyle. Baby Bee slings are crafted out of beautiful, natural fabrics by experienced local seamstresses. Pull cords on either side of the pouch and an adjustable shoulder strap create the perfect fit for any child. All of these adjustments can be made while the sling is in use, allowing for comfortable, discrete nursing and multiple positions in which you can hold your baby from birth through 30 pounds. All the silks are formaldehyde free Indian silks, and all cottons are 100% cotton. All of the slings are lined with the 100% organic un-dyed sateen cotton. The natural color compliments every one of the gorgeous fabric colors. The softness of the Baby Bee Sling™ liner is incomparable. Your baby will always rest on the most pure fabric.


* One size fits all so you only have to purchase one for all caregivers.
* Complete adjustability for many different holds.
* Easy to use and adjust while in use, with no extra fabric to get in the way.
* Multistage carrier that grows with you and your baby.
* Designed by a licensed body worker to ensure a comfortable fit.
* Choose from our wide selection of beautiful fabrics.
* All of the slings are lined with organic cotton.
* Easily remove you child with our quick release buckle.
* Always constructed from natural and sustainable materials.
* Made locally in Asheville, North Carolina by seamstresses working for fair wages.

The "Green" Factor:
- Made from locally from natural and sustainable materials
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