Sunday, October 31, 2010

Peanut Shell Nursing Covers + Slings - 55% off - LAST CHANCE!

55% off! Start shopping HERE!

LAST CHANCE! Since we experienced some technical difficulties on Thursday, we are running Peanut Shell again for those of you who were unable to make your purchase!

Available today are beautiful nursing covers AND slings in the beautiful, black and white Royalty style!

Each Peanut Shell® Nursing Cover is equipped with flexible neckline to promote mother/infant eye contact, infant monitoring, and increased air circulation. Their wide design allows easy and discreet breastfeeding and clothing adjustments. The bottom corners of the Peanut Shell® Nursing Cover each have a convenient storage pocket made from soft cotton jersey knit for the best in quality and functionality.

The Peanut Shell pouch slings come in three sizes, and has nothing to cinch, adjust, or buckle. These slings can be used for multiple carry positions - cradle, tummy to tummy, forward facing, and hip carry. They are for use with newborn up to 36 positions

The "Green" Factor:

All Peanut Shell products are Formaldehyde-free, making them safe for baby and the environment!
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