Friday, May 6, 2011

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Baby So Smart Silk Slings

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EveryDay Silk Standard Size Sling in Strawberry and Cream

Retail Price: $145

Our Price: $62.35

Baby So Smart has combined gorgeous dupioni silk with high-quality cotton fabrics to form the basis of our EveryDay Silk line of ring slings. Warm in winter, cool in summer, breathable, machine washable, affordable, and absolutely stunning—what more could you ask for in a sling meant for everyday use? The EveryDay Silk slings are designed to be worn long with a bit of flair. The standard size (88" long) fits US (women's) sizes S-M-L well; the standard size will be slightly shorter on someone who wears an XL, giving it less flair.

Skinng Sling-Buttercreme
Retail Price: $110
Our Price: 47.30
Standard Size

Sleek, skinny, and gorgeous, these ring slings are crafted of a single layer from handwoven dupioni silk using a more narrow width, approximately 27" wide, but the same elegant length characteristic to Baby So Smart's EveryDay Silk line of slings. Each uses 2 1/2" brushed aluminum rings that coordinate with the beautiful silk, all have a zippered pocket, some are trimmed, others are not.

The Green Factor:
-Silk is one of the oldest and most sustainable fabrics available.
-The silk used to make this sling is 100% formaldehyde free.

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