Thursday, September 29, 2011


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50% Off the retail price of $28.00 and $30.00

Get the envy you deserve. At your next baby shower, show up with a Pukies reusable wood gift box set. You will be the talk of the party! From hiding milk & formula stains to eat & play accessories, there are plenty of sets to choose from - all filled with Pukies products made with Soy Genius fabric!

Available selections:

3 Pack Burp Cloth Set in a Wooden Crate

3 Pack Bib Set in a Wooden Crate

Soy Blanket in Green Pea

Feeding Gift Set in a Wooden Crate-2 Bibs and a Burp Cloth

About Pukies:

All Pukies products are made with Soy Genius -a soft, luxurious fabric made from a blend of natural soy fibers and organic cotton.

56% Organic Cotton:
● Free of toxic chemicals
● Biological and sustainable growth methods utilized
● No synthetic and destructive fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides nor pesticides

37% Soy Fiber:
● Buttery soft
● Naturally antimicrobial
● Wicking action makes it difficult for most stains to set
● Made from the by-product of soybean production
● Sustainable, renewable and biodegradable

7% Spandex:
● Adds stretch and versatility
● Tightens knit to provide a UPF 30+ rating
● Increases the life of a garment

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  1. Karen9:16 AM

    Am I missing something? This is not the deal on your website...?

  2. Karen9:47 AM

    Appears to be fixed now....