Saturday, October 1, 2011


Today's Green Bargain is brought to you by Rearz!

French Velour Fitted Diaper

This may possibly be the softest diaper you ever lay hands on!
Better than Organic and Green America Approved

  • Luxurious cotton velour inside and out

  • The size 2 has a patent pending V snap system which adjusts the leg and waist at the same time

  • 8 super trim layers of absorbency

  • Easy to use snap closures with a cross over snap so this can be used on larger newborns

  • Easy care diaper service quality

  • Machine wash and dry - low lint

  • Requires a waterproof cover such as the Rearz Couture Cover

  • Best suited for daytime use, if using at night for a heavy wetter please use a small or newborn prefold to double up.

Size 1: 6-24 lbs (0-10 months) Red stitching
Size 2: 12-40 lbs (6 months-3 years) Green Stitching

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