Tuesday, February 21, 2012



50% Off!

Avoid scrubbing with this amazing and eco-friendly accessory!

Simply press liner onto the inside of your diaper near your babies bum, and enjoy a scrub-free cloth diaper solution!

The liner will catch the #2 before it hits the cloth!

When baby soils the diaper, simply remove the liner with the waste, and throw, compost, or flush it down the toilet!

No more stinky diaper pales, no more stains, and no more scrubbing!
-Great for busy parents on the go!
-Made so you don't have to carry smelly diapers with you while you are out!
-100% bio-degradeable- flush, throw, or compost without guilt!

-100% bio-degradeable- flush, throw, or compost without guilt!

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  1. May I know how many sheets are there in one package please? Thanks

  2. such kind of sheet is very helpful for every baby thanks for share info about it.

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