Monday, February 9, 2009

CozyWedge Bumper - 52% off

$28.99 ~ 52% off the retail price of $59.95! You can get your CozyWedge right here!

Available in 5 different colors ~ Blue, Pink, Royal, Magenta, and Sunshine!

Find yourself going into your child’s room at night to find a lost pacifier or to move their arm or leg that has fallen in between the crib’s slats? Then, the CozyWedge is for you! The CozyWedge bumper fits perfect around the crib and meets all federal safety guidelines for crib bumpers! The foam’s hard surface does not compress if the baby rolls against it, so that a pocket will not form around the baby’s mouth and nose, which is what can happen with traditional bumpers. The CozyWedge is a safe protective barrier that comes in great, stylish colors! Made in the USA, and machine washable!

The “Green” Factor
-100% organic cotton slipcover
-The foam wedge inserts are non-absorbent, CFC-free, and odorless polyethylene foam.
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