Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's a BabyLeg's Day Again!

Only $6.00 a pair - 60% off the retail price of $15.00

BabyLegs are Back!! Six More Styles to Choose From: Mossy, Plaid, Plum, Snorkel, Stone Crop, & Tides! Get them here, before their gone!

Get back to nature with BabyLegs Organic Collection. The rich palette in this collection was inspired by the beautiful natural elements of our world. Organic BabyLegs make a great ‘green’ gift.

BabyLegs will:
-Make diaper changes a breeze
-Protect soft knees from harsh surfaces
-Keep legs (and arms) warm all year round
-Provide light weight sun protection
-Make potty training easier
-Jazz up any dance class
-Make a fun fashion statement with styles for every occasion
-Fits most newborns to 10 year olds
-A diaper bag essential

The "Green" Factor:
-Made from organic cotton
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  1. Many of these styles are only $1 more on the baby legs website...

  2. We do buy closeout items sometimes! And, since BabyLegs is trying to close out some of their styles, they have reduced their prices too. However, the MRSP of these BabyLegs is still $15.00. And, you still SAVE a $1.00 on some fo the styles, more on others!