Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Agoo 3-in-1 Sleep Sac - 65% off

Available in pink or blue! Only $44.95! 65% off the retail price! Start shopping here!

Once swaddling ends, using a sleep sac is a reassuring way to make sure baby stays warm and covered while sleeping. The Agoo, 3-in-1 Sleep Sac is a unique design that meets the needs of every season.

It has a removable quilt insert for the cold winter months, a lighter fleece layer for fall and spring, and no insert for the warmer summer months. Built larger than most, this sleep sac was used for children from 5 months until three years old.

With snaps up the side and a zipper across the bottom, it opens up completely so you don't have to wake baby to put them inside.

Unlike others, the blanketing is only on the top layer, not over-heating baby with added thickness underneath.

The "Green" Factor:
- Filled and Lined with cuddly recycled poly fibers
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