Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fussy Baby Organic Onesies - 61% off

61% off! Starting at $8.50! Start shopping here!

Check out these hilarious organic onesies from Fussy Baby! Anyone who has had a "fussy" baby, will find themselves chuckling inside as they read each cute saying! Fussy Baby ™ onesies are designed to add a tiny bit of humor to your hectic, sleep deprived existence. When your days are long, sleep is virtually non-existent, and your baby's crying is making you lose your mind, simply acknowledging your reality can be therapeutic. And, Fussy Baby ™ onesies are 100% organic - from the garment through the printing process. Because fussy babies have enough to worry about.

Available in either long sleeve or short sleeve.

Slogans include:
"I Cry, Therefore I Am"
"I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream Because I Scream"
"All the Cool Kids Have Colic"
"Sleep is for the Weak"
"I Have Colic, What's Your Excuse?"

Short Sleeve Onesies - $8.50 - Regular $22
Long Sleeve Onesies - $9.50 - Regular $24

The "Green" Factor:
- Made from 100% organic cotton
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