Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Charlie's Soap Liquid Laundry Detergent

Only $4.35! 45% off! Start shopping HERE!

Available today:

17 oz. Laundry Liquid = 16 Full Sized Loads!

Shipping Info: USPS and UPS shipping is available for US residents. UPS shipping will be cheaper for larger orders. USPS shipping only is available for Canada residents.

Charlie's Soap is safe & effective for all fabrics including: silk, wool, linen, cotton and high-tech microfiber athletic and waterproof gear.

Uses only 1/8 cup per large washload, Contains no dyes, phosphates, UV brighteners or perfumes! Removes entrapped odors from microfiber athletic wear,

Hypoallergenic - Perfect for those who have sensitive skin, Will not fade your colors Non-toxic and completely biodegradable, Front-loader / HE compatible.

A revolutionary approach to laundry care, Charlie's Soap does not cover up stains and odors - it really cleans them.

The "Green" Factor:
-Non-toxic and completely biodegradable
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