Sunday, August 15, 2010

Scooterbees Eco-Friendly Kid Shoes - 58% off!

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ScooterBees is committed to design the best shoes for the little feet. They take care to design from the understanding of the unique shapes of babies’ and early toddlers’ feet. They respect their development needs, both mentally and physically, and yet provide them with appropriate protection. ScooterBees’ patent-pending design allows the shoes to adjust to the little feet’s different thicknesses and widths. For the first time, you can see how the foot fits inside the shoes, and rest assure that your little ones have the best-fitting shoes on. They believe in making shoes that are meaningful to the children.

Each ScooterBees shoe is designed to have fun and educational contents and illustrations that stimulate the little minds. They are proud of our commitment in picking the most sustainable materials, creating a truly revolutionary and healthy StoryTelling Shoe(TM).

Care Instructions:
Wash ScooterBees in gentle cycle, and machine-dry with low to medium heat setting. Please do not bleach them.

Most liquid spills “bead up” on the fabric surface due to Sensuede’s resistance to spills and stains. Pat and remove the stains with a cloth soaked in mild soap or detergent, followed with a damp cloth to remove any excess soap.

The "Green" Factor:
ScooterBees are made of recycled fibers dervied from both post-industrial and post-consumer sources, including PET soda and water bottles.

The little soles are made with the anti-slipping and water-resistant ThermoPlastic Elastomer (TPE) material. TPE is a degradable material made of carbon and hydrogen, it uses no harmful chemicals in its production such as in traditional PVC’s . It is PVC-free, latex-free, and most-importantly, chloride-free, dioxin-free, and phthalate-free.
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