Thursday, April 21, 2011

Nursing Bracelets by Organic Mama's Shop - 53% off!

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These Nursing Bracelets are a wonderful little tool that every foggy mama brain needs! Don't stress, a Nursing Bracelet will help you take your little ones feeding schedule off your mind.

Nursing Bracelets are super simple to use! And made of durable stainless steel memory wire, either gemstones beads, high quality glass beads, and metalized number beads (Lead FREE!!). Each Nursing Bracelet comes with one co-ordinating charm and extra Nursing Bracelet charms are available for purchase in Organic Mama's Shop to keep track of things like...

~Dirty Dipes
~Time meds or supplements were taken
~Nap times
~Glasses of water consumed
~Kick counter
~Or anything else you my need to keep track of!

These Nursing Bracelets work like a clock. Beads numbered 1-12 represent the hours of the day. Between each number on your Nursing Bracelet are 2-3 beads, the spaces between the beads represent 15 min increments (or 20 mins for the 2 bead nursing bracelet). You simply place your movable nursing bracelet charm at the time to indicate the time you last fed your little one.

No more note pad and pencil and no more second guessing yourself!

Nursing Bracelets make great gifts for new moms!

The "Green" Factor:
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