Friday, April 15, 2011


Here are the winners for the giveaways. If you are a winner, you need to email me what you won, your address and name to: If you get them to me tonight, I will mail them out in the morning. The giveaway # is on the first line, and the winner is after the item.

Giveaway 1: Yellow Label Kids Crayon Roll, Lady Bug Anna from Texas
Giveaway 2: Baby Star Quick Change, Blue Star Camo Alison with 2 Energetic little Angels!
Giveaway 3: ImagiPlay Dino Puzzle Joy N.
Giveaway 4: Nursing Necklace Sarah and Garrett
Giveaway 5: 3 pack Agoo leg warmers (boys) Margot H.
Giveaway 6: 3 pack Agoo leg warmers (girls) Mamato2
Giveaway 7: Baby Star Quick Change, Girl print Emily Larmore
Giveaway 8: Monkey Doodlez Pocket Diaper Set of 2 Black WindyCityGigi
Giveaway 8.1: JaLu ‘Little Lu’ Organic Blanket with light blue trim kristopherous
Giveaway 9: Baby Human spoons and Mama Bears stroller sign Ekho
Giveaway 10: ImagiPlay butterfly puzzle Jane N.
Giveaway 11: Yellow Label Kids Crayon Roll, Neutral Print SMG
Giveaway 12: Nursing Necklace Amberly H.
Giveaway 13: The Modern Baby Co. Plush Blanket Pamela M.
Giveaway 14: Bambino Land Swaddling Blankets Kimschex
Giveaway 15: JaLu Stroller Blanket SolDucky
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  1. Dee Dee6:57 PM

    So sad I didn't win but still had fun playing :) Thanks

  2. Congratulations everyone! And thanks again for making a Thursday night so much fun!

  3. boo, no win for us! but congrats to everyone who did win...

  4. Congrats to the winners! Looking forward to future GBB fun!

  5. wohoo won giveaway#6 thanks so much :)!! I've never won anything before this is so exciting !!!

  6. Congratulations everyone! What an awesome big giveaway :)