Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Eco Can

Today's Green Bargain is brought to you by My Eco Can.

My Eco Can

40% Off the regular price of $14.00

A new ECO-friendly, portable and reusable water bottle in the shape of a can! Made out of PLA material:
- Biodegradable
- Microwave & Dishwasher Friendly
- Leak-proof
- Fun and functional!
Comes in 5 colors:A new, ECO-friendly, portable and reusable drinking bottle!

It is made from a material called, Poly-Lactic Acid or PLA, sourced from a US company. The unique feature is that it can break down into harmless natural compounds back into the earth in an industrial compositing facility.

PLA comes from natural corn starch; an Eco-friendly material that uses renewable resource. This green m

aterial has the benefits of plastic properties, but without any negative effects of petroleum components. The carbon dioxide emission is also less than petroleum plastic during production.

Its durable and reusable qualities help reduce waste and increase sustainability. Decrease the use of paper cups and contribute to the preservation of our forests.

Thermal double wall design allows for use with both hot and cold beverages.

- Temp. -20℃ / +110℃ (-4F/+230F) Red, Blue, Green, Black, White.

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