Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pepper Jack Home!

Secret Sunday Bargain! Brought to you by Pepper Jack Home!
Reusable Snack Bags

50% Off the retail price!

The first 50 orders will get a free sample of laundry soap from Pepper Jack Home!

About Pepper Jack Home Snack Bags:

Pepperjack Home's reusable snack bags are perfect for anyone wanting to be a little more eco-friendly in style! Great for kids lunches, the office, traveling and any other time that snacks are necessary.

Measuring approximately 5"x6" they're perfect for any little snacks, or even half of a sandwich. With an envelope closure like the old school plastic baggies, (no tough velcro!) so it's easy for kids to get their little hands inside without everything spilling out.

The inner and outer layers are 100% cotton, so they can be thrown right into the washing machine and dryer. Though crumbs can easily be shaken out.

Each one is lovingly handmade in Arlington, WA.


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