Friday, March 26, 2010

Earth Mama Angel Baby Morning Wellness Gift Buckets - 50% off!

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The Morning Wellness Gift Bucket from Earth Mama Angel Baby is a thoughtful gift to give a pregnant mom. Earth Mama Angel Baby has put together a collection of four popular and effective products to help curb that yucky morning sickness feeling!

The Morning Wellness Bucket Includes:

Morning Wellness Organic Herbal Tea – This 1.5 ounce jar of herbal tea is filled with tasty natural ingredients specifically combined to prevent morning sickness and nausea. Sip this soothing, minty tea hot, iced or make it into ice cubes to suck first thing in the morning. The hand jar makes it easy to slip into your purse so you can take this life saving tea with you wherever you go. The Morning Wellness Organic Herbal Tea will settle your pregnancy nausea so you can feel better, naturally.

Morning Sickness Relief Guided Relaxation CD – The Morning Sickness Relief CD is designed to alleviate some of the symptoms of morning sickness and encourage you as your navigate through this difficult time. It is just over 20 minutes of inspired relaxation techniques that will brighten your outlook and help you maintain a positive attitude towards motherhood.

Happy Mama Spray – This 4-ounce bottle is filled with gloriously good smelling pure essential oils and flower essences specifically combined to keep nausea at bay. When you begin to feel nauseous, simply spritz a little on your wrist and inhale to help ease the queasiness. It is also a natural way to help battle the blues and can even diffuse a toddler's rampage—just spritz a little on mom and tot and both can be soothed.

Heavenly Teapot – This beautiful teapot comes with a built-in strainer and is perfect for steeping your tea. Simply place loose tealeaves in the strainer basket, cover with hot water and allow to steep for 10-15 minutes for a perfect cup of soothing tea. All these wonderful products that are designed to keep morning sickness at bay come packaged and ready to gift in a decorative pink enamel bucket gift!

The "Green" Factor:
- Pure, natural products are worry-free because they are made with only pure, safe ingredients: no 1,4-Dioxane, formaldehyde, phthalates, or toxins of any kind.
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