Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fleurville Escape Pod - 63% off!

Only $20.00! 63% off the regular price!
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This cute little bag is perfect when you are just running out for a quick trip and only need a wipe case, some diapers and a changing cloth. Maybe you are just running to the grocery store or your little angel is almost out of diapers. You can wear it as a clutch or throw it in your big bag. Use it as a toiletry kit when you are done with diapers!

Changing cloth
Zippered storage pocket
Caribiner key-clip
See-thru wipe case
Opens flat for easy access

This product does not come with a Fleurville warranty.

The Green Factor:
- Teflon-Free
- Made with Fleurville's very environmentally friendly polyurethane laminate Green-LAM™. Green-LAM™ has superior attributes like moisture–repellency, UV-resistance, and overall durability.
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