Friday, March 5, 2010

The Woombie Baby Bag - 56% off!

Only $16.99! 56% off! Start shopping HERE!

The Woombie Baby Bag is a solid beige/natural color wearable blanket. .A wearable blanket is for babies who have out-grown their Woombie swaddlers, and are ready for free arms yet continued safety prevention from potential blanket suffocation.

The Baby Sleep bag will fit babies over 6 mos and 20 pounds, up to 30 pounds, providing comfort, safety and warmth. *Not for Newborns*

This product is made of 70% BAMBOO and 30% Organic Cotton, and is manufactured in a GREEN Eco-Friendly fashion! It is so super soft and cuddly at 30 inches long. 2 way reversible zipper. Doubles as a snowsuit for cold weather when worn under a coat to keep babys bottom half warm!

The Woombie Baby Bag Benefits
-Will not unravel and end up on baby's face.
-Keeps baby warm all night
-Organic Bamboo/ Super Soft!
-Easy to use IN/OUT

The "Green" Factor:
-Made of 70% BAMBOO and 30% Organic Cotton
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